About Us

da Vinci Public School is located in Ajax, Ontario and serves students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.  da Vinci Public School was named after Leonardo da Vinci. da Vinci was a musician, painter, architect, inventor, sculptor, engineer, mathematician, scientist and he also studied anatomy, science, botany, history and cartography. Many of the things that he invented couldn’t be created at the time because they were too modern. da Vinci Public School is a place where all areas of study are appreciated equally and everyone is encouraged to excel in the area that inspires them. da Vinci was a creative genius and innovator who was not afraid to try new things.

At da Vinci, we know that students need to be prepared for a future that we can’t even imagine yet. Students need to have skills in communication, collaboration, creativity and technology. da Vinci students are encouraged to “Create, Explore, and Innovate” just like Leonardo da Vinci. The staff will continue to create the environment for success to happen in close harmony with the families of our school. We are achieving our goals when students arrive at our doors ready to learn, with a solid respect for themselves, their school, and all of the people who they meet.

We invite everyone to become active and make da Vinci a great school that continues to grow and improve, one child and one day at a time.  We want to invite you to join us so that we can begin the important conversations about our school and your children

Mission statement

Create, Explore, Innovate


Principal’s message

Welcome to da Vinci Public School!

What an amazing learning environment da Vinci has become!

Filled with incredible students and staff, our school is a hub of excitement and innovative learning.  Just as Leonardo daVinci himself said "learning never exhausts the mind", daVinci Dragons are the epitome of CREATE-ing, EXPLORE-ing, and INNOVATE-ing.

Our students are learning to become global citizens and be contributing members of our society.  We work to prepare our students for a world that doesn't even exist yet... learning to navigate an ever-changing world and changes in technology is of utmost importance.  We strive to prepare our students to critically think, explore, and question new ideas.  It is a continual and challenging task to be done by kindness, by watching, by warning, by precept and by praise, but above all, by example. 

We are all so excited to see where our school goes this year.  We hope you are just as excited to join us and be part of our daVinci community.

Mr. Pittman

Create.  Explore.  Innovate.


Student Pledge

​We the students of da Vinci P.S. believe in ourselves.

We are on a journey of lifelong learning. We will persevere and learn from our challenges and mistakes. We will meet our full academic potential. We promise to take care of ourselves and value those in our community. We will balance the freedom to be ourselves with the responsibility to respect others. We will create, explore and innovate, because we are the future.


Parent Pledge

We the parents & guardians of da Vinci P.S. believe in our children and their aspirations.

We trust in the staff of da Vinci to guide our children on their journey of learning as they strive to be the best they can be. We agree to support our school in its quest to attain and provide resources that will enhance the learning experience for our children. We acknowledge the diversity of cultures in our community and will adhere to an agenda that is inclusive and enriching for all our children. We promise to fulfill our obligations as volunteers working together to communicate openly and provide ideas and support to the school staff. We will undertake this task as a labour of love for the enhancement of our children's future.


Staff Pledge

​We the staff of da Vinci P.S. believe in the value of education.

We will inspire exploration, innovation, creativity and curiosity in our students as modeled by Leonardo da Vinci, enhancing their ability to become critical thinkers. We promise to instill a love of learning and develop the whole potential of our students. We will guide our students to become responsible citizens within our school, local and global communities. We value and respect the rich diversity of cultures, talents and personalities which make up our school and community. We believe in the potential of our students.


Code of Conduct

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